Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"Hate Speech"

The Islamic Thinkers Society has a pretty humorous definition of "Hate Speech".

They post this to deny that cartoons are free speech, which is funny because one would expect they would simply accept that cartoons are free speech and it is free speech itself with which they have a problem.

Yet they posted an image which was included in an earlier post on this site, a cropping of which is posted below.
So insulting Danes, Frenchmen, Norwegians, and Germans is not hate speech? Because it obviously must be free speech, since they're exploiting it. Can you imagine the nonstop whining and hysteria if God-forbid anyone were to ask an authority that they not be allowed to publish that picture? They would whine about "Islamophobia" for days on end, this time in the form of Muslims "being censored".

Monday, September 2, 2013

"National Socialism" and Islamonausea

Many, if not most, pro-Palestinian Pseudo-Islamonauseous politicians are popular among Nazis- oops! I mean, "National Socialists", for an obvious reason. They are against minorities, and hate Israel.

If European politics made sense, then the breakdown of Israeli-Palestinian conflict positions and right-left ideologies would be something like this:

National Socialists, and some extreme ultranationalists who nevertheless distance themselves from National Socialism but are well-respected in their circles
  •  National Socialist position: Against both the "dirty Jews" and the "filthy Muslims". Thus they refuse to take sides in the Israeli-"Palestinian" conflict, or more accurately are against both. 
  • Some Ultranationalist radicals who still distance themselves from National Socialists:                Not against both, they simply don't care about Israel-"Palestine" because they are uninterested and refuse to take part of the "Zionist conspiracy" or the Islamist one.

Right-Wing Populists and Conservatives
  • Obviously pro-Israel because they see Israel as a parallel to Europe, and because of Israel's cultural connection to Europe.
  • The usual Marxist "Power to the People" nonsense is applied to any revolutionary independence movement so long as they espouse terrorism against those deemed to be "Reactionary Right" and so long as they worship or are allied with worshipers of Stalin, Lenin, Marx, Mao, or any other murderous commie scumbag. These commie filth will usually support the PLFP, or the Palestine Communist Party; whose plans are any leftist's wet dream.
  • Or, the weird Islamist-Leftist combination position that comes from Islamic immigrants who are brought into Europe by leftist political bosses as voting blocs, who support Islamist social positions, but who are radically leftist on all issues when Islam doesn't doesn't take a different position. They will support the more Islamic face of the "Palestinian" movement; like the establishment of a new country with Shariah Law.

Some Centrists
  • Have a nonsensical pseudo-humanitarian view that is neutral and moderately interventionist, and believe that Europe should get involved to "create peace" and make demands from both sides.
 But that isn't how it always works. In many cases the Nazis support "Palestine" because they believe that somehow this will destroy the Jewish plot to multiculturalize Europe with the "Palestinians'" cousins. Basically they have the same position as Nick Griffin although they don't typically like him or Marine because of their (claim to) being against "National Socalism".

Pro-Palestinian Liars

This is a list of traitorous European politicians who claim to be against murdering Islamists and who are then, not surprisingly, labeled by Islamic groups as "Islamophobes", but end up supporting "Palestine" out of fear of being called "Zionists".

The argument that Europe should not be involved in the Middle East and that Israel is strong enough to take care of itself is certainly has valid points. But to then label everything as a "Zionist conspiracy" to drag Europe into Middle Eastern wars, and use this label to get (stupid) Islamophobes to support "Palestine" is completely idiotic.

Their argument makes perfect sense: Let's fight the Islamic hordes on our streets but support the Islamic conquest of a democratic, albeit somewhat politically corrupt (but no more corrupt than Europe) Middle Eastern country just to be against a "Zionist conspiracy" because "Palestinians" will certainly repay the support we give them by supporting us against their fellow Islamic hordes in our own countries! The British National Party was right all along- because the Palestinians clearly support them against "Shariah4UK" and other Islamic groups in Britain in return for their support for the "Palestinian" state.

1. Nick Griffin (Leader of "Pot-Bellied Pigs Against Islam and For Palestine")
This little piggy has the nerve to slander the EDL, which represents the struggle of the common British people against Islamist invaders, because the EDL supports Israel. They fly Israeli flags, which upsets Griffin, because he says that as a British Nationalist he is offended by any foreign flag being flown by a group calling itself "patriotic". Which is funny, given his love for the "Palestinian" "cause". Makes perfect sense! Claim that you are committed to the fight against Islam, criticize pro-Israel groups for getting involved in foreign conflicts, and then make a tweet about the "horrible suffering" of the "poor oppressed 'Palestinian' Islamists".

BNP Pro-Palestinian Jihad-Lover's Whining

2. Marine and Jean-Marine Le Pen
Marine Le Pen is basically a more promiscuous and female (except her voice) version of the Griffin pig. She is famous in the US for her recent cat-fight with Madonna, to whom she has an extremely similar personality. She condemns Islam routinely, making her look attractive to the average Islamonauseous Frenchman. But she also supports "Palestine" for pretty much the same moronic reasons as Griffin. Her father, is, well, the same exact thing so I won't waste any time writing about
Recently Le Pen lost parliamentary immunity for comparing the Islamic invasion of France to the Nazi invasion of France half a century ago, which is pretty spot-on. However, Frenchmen must not be fooled by the politically incorrect fa├žade and look below the surface and past the "Zionist conspiracy" rubbish to see the pro-"Palestinian" agenda.

What is Islamonausea?

(And Political Correctness)
See this video by British critic of Islam Pat Condell (whose life has been threatened numerous times, by the way) for more information.

 Islamonausea is the preferable term for what Islamic organizations outrageously term "Islamophobia". It is the result of people being exposed to an aggressive ideology that threatens those who do not comply and holds that all non-believers are inevitably hell-bound lest they convert.