Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"Hate Speech"

The Islamic Thinkers Society has a pretty humorous definition of "Hate Speech".

They post this to deny that cartoons are free speech, which is funny because one would expect they would simply accept that cartoons are free speech and it is free speech itself with which they have a problem.

Yet they posted an image which was included in an earlier post on this site, a cropping of which is posted below.
So insulting Danes, Frenchmen, Norwegians, and Germans is not hate speech? Because it obviously must be free speech, since they're exploiting it. Can you imagine the nonstop whining and hysteria if God-forbid anyone were to ask an authority that they not be allowed to publish that picture? They would whine about "Islamophobia" for days on end, this time in the form of Muslims "being censored".

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